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  1. R&M Electrical Ltd. will indemnify the customer for direct damage to property or for direct injury or death attributed to any negligent act or omission by R&M Electrical Ltd. in the performance of the service work.
  2. Except as in the above, R&M Electrical Ltd. (including its servants and agents) shall not, under any circumstances, be liable to the customer who will indemnify and hold R&M Electrical Ltd. harmless against all claims of whatsoever kind and howsoever and from whosoever arising from spoilage of materials, loss of production, wastage of labour, loss of profit or damage to property.
  3. The customer warrants that the person signing the acceptance is acting with due authority to do so.
  4. R&M Electrical Ltd. will render an invoice for the service labour, parts, materials and expenses in accordance with the details given or quoted.
  5. The invoice is due for payment within 30 days of issue and R&M Electrical Ltd. reserves the right to charge interest at 2% above the base rate of Lloyds bank calculated on a daily basis on the amount not settled accordingly.
  6. All parts fitted by R&M Electrical Ltd. shall remain our property until the accounts have been settled in full. Failure to settle the account will result in R&M Electrical Ltd. reserving the right to remove their parts.
  7. In addition to (6) whoever owns the machine under whatever circumstances, the components as fitted or supplied by R&M Electrical Ltd. to remain their property until full payment has been received.